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Australian Foods You Will Secretly or Not so Secretly Love

Australian Foods You Will Secretly or Not so Secretly Love

OK, I’ll admit it, Australian cuisine doesn’t seem the most exciting. You’re probably not planning a trip to Australia specifically to try the food… you probably haven’t even thought about what foods to try. But there are some winners out there. Below are some Australian everyday foods that you will secretly or not so secretly love.

Growing up in Hawaii, I have had the luxury to experience such a diverse range of cuisines. Some of my favourite cuisines include Hawaiian, Japanese, Italian, Thai, Indonesian and Mexican. I’ve been spoiled on delicious foods all of my life… and then I moved to Australia. Now if you are in a large city in Australia, you will find a diverse range of cuisines, however if you are in a small rural town the options will be very limited. But don’t despair, good food is still out there.

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1. Vegemite

Jar of vegemite, Australian foods you will secretly love

This one you must eat sparingly! It packs a powerful punch and no one warned me when I first tried it. Its actually made out of leftover brewers yeast with vegetable additives and is packed full of B vitamins. It’s unappetising almost black in colour and very salty. But its oddly delicious. Best way to enjoy it is spread THINLY on a slice of toast and topped with some smashed avocado and cheese. Put it in the oven until the cheese is melted and it’s a perfect breakfast.

2. Tim Tams

One of Australia’s well known and loved chocolate biscuits. It comes in a variety of classic and limited edition flavours. Can be eaten in a “Tim Tam Slam”, which you bite each end of the biscuit and use it as a straw with milk and then pop the whole biscuit in your mouth. You. Are. Welcome.

3. Chicken Schnitzel or Parma

This one is a pub classic. You can get it at nearly every pub and if they call themselves a Pub, then they should be able to deliver on this classic. Its nothing fancy, a flattened and crumbed chicken breast. Great with a mushroom sauce or if it’s the parma, great on its own with a side of chips. Hands down my pub favourite.

4. Fish and Chips

Head to your nearest seafood shop and get your hands on some fresh fish and chips. Literally, get your hands on them. I awkwardly found out it was standard to eat this feed without utensils… Also, don’t forget to order the tarter sauce! If your after ketchup/tomato sauce with your chips, it’s not a standard so be sure to ask for it.

5. Lamb

I don’t know where you’re from, but in Hawaii, there is not a great deal of lamb available. I’ve had it maybe once or twice growing up. In Australia, it is a very popular meat choice and one of my favourites. Lamb chops, shanks or a roast… yum! Homemade slow-cooked lamb shanks are always on the menu for any anniversaries/birthdays/special occasions in our house.

6. Kangaroo

OK, I know this one sounds a little off-putting, but actually if cooked right, is delicious. It can be quite “gamey” and has a very distinctive flavour. It is also a very lean meat, so its best not over-cooked or for a more foolproof way, slow-cooked to perfection. 

7. Kebab

This is not an Australian food per se, actually, I believe it has Turkish origins, but you can find them all over Australia. It’s the best fast-food type meal, and always good value for your money. Similar to gyros, it’s lamb/beef/chicken meat in a wrap with lettuce, tabbouleh, and your choice of sauce. Very delicious, but can be a bit messy so keep an eye on the bottom of the package! 

8. Lamingtons

Delicious little light and fluffy sponge cake bites coated in chocolate and coconut. Sometimes can have cream or jam in the middle. Yum!

9. Anzac Biscuits

Another sweet treat. Yummy chewy style cookies/biscuits made with oats and coconut. My mom is seriously hooked on these every time she visits.

10. Crumpets

I’ve never even heard of crumpets until I moved to Australia. They are small griddle cakes that you can buy pre-made in packs of six in the grocery store. Just pop them in the toaster and top with butter and honey. Perfect with a side of fruit or yoghurt for a quick and tasty breakfast. It’s currently my little one’s favourite!

11. Meat Pies

I’ll admit I’m a bit on the fence with this one. I’m not a huge fan of meat in a pie crust, but there are some really good ones out there! And to be honest, everyone else in my family LOVES them. I’m the oddball so I better put it on the list. I can probably blame my husband for this aversion as on my first trip to Australia I got food poisoning from one. Not his fault but possibly why I still shy away from these. But don’t let my one bad experience stop you from a very well known and loved Australian classic. Comes in many filling variations, and best fresh from a bakery.

So that’s my list of Australian foods that you will secretly or not so secretly love. There are definitely some interesting and different foods that I have tried since moving to Australia. In the large populated cities/towns, you will find a wide selection of foods to try. In smaller towns… order that chicken snitty (schnitzel)! 

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