Hawaii expat living abroad in Australia, food and family blog

About Me

I love to cook, create and experiment. My beautiful family is my number one and creating beautiful moments to share and inspire them to be creative souls as they grow is something I strive for. Not always succeeding in this but doing the best we can in this busy modern tech-y world.

Born and raised in Hawai’i, my inspiration is filled with multi-cultural experiences.  I write about living abroad, food and family… and with all things I am embedded in my roots and bring a pinch of aloha to everything I do!

In 2013 I took a leap and moved to Australia, where I am currently still living today. Life takes you on unexpected paths and the challenge and joy in my life is learning to live in a completely different part of the world… one that has snakes, blue-ringed octopus and other deadly animals!